10-Day Restart (Like a computer…but for your body)

10-day restart-3.jpg

“Did you restart it?”

My wife just the other day was expressing her disdain for her iPhone.  It wasn’t loading apps, it was performing slowly, and it was down right dysfunctional.  So I asked her, “Did you restart it?”  The answer this time was ‘no.’  Sure enough, one restart and the device was back in action.  As cool and amazing as devices are these days and how simple a restart is to many times ‘fix’ them, your body just doesn’t work that way – well not exactly at least.  Even though the body is referred to as a ‘machine’, it is much more than that – way more.  Unfortunately many people wait and depend on a ‘replacement’ part to save their life in a crisis – but it’s on a surgeons table.  Sometimes ‘successful’, sometimes not.  So rather than wait and end up in a surgeon’s office for ‘replacement parts,’ why not do some regular ‘restarts’, just like a computer or an iPhone?  Interesting yes?  Well check this out:  Your body, mind, and spirit over time become ‘habitual’ and many times addicted to certain things, especially foods.  Organs become overworked, damaged, and dysfunctional over time.  Not too mention the system becomes bogged down and very inefficient.  So rather than throwing down steak, eggs, and hash-browns, what if it were a protein smoothie?  For that midmorning snack that usually is a donut, bagel, or other refined carb, try a live fresh juice.  Then at lunch, not a cheeseburger and fries with a soda, oh no.  One more protein smoothie.  Afternoon snack, right back to the juice.  And for dinner you ask?  How about a smart meal composed of one portion of quality lean and clean protein, one portion of good healthy fats, and 1-2 portions of vegetables.  Then the next day repeat, and the next, and the next, and so on.  For a measly 10 days.  Do this and not only will you feel better, have more energy, and lose weight, but most importantly you will have effectively ‘restarted’ your body without a full-out ‘fast.’  This would be classified as a very moderate program or ‘restart’ for your body’s metabolism, immune system, digestion, and function. 

Sounds good you say?  But where do you start you may be asking?  Start with your equipment list.  That would be a blender, a juicer, and 4 mason jars.  Next you will find the instructions, ingredients, and timing to absolutely nail this ‘restart’ and finish strong!  Good luck!

That’s the basic concept.  Next comes the fun part where you get to be a little creative, while keeping it simple though.  Just choose your ‘base’ ingredient(s), your add-ins, add your supplements and you are rolling.  You will need some basic knowledge of how to blend and run a juicer, but that information is out there in abundance, and many folks already know how.  Here we go:

That wasn’t too hard to handle was it?  Next, people always ask me what supplements I use or recommend.  This is a very vast industry.  There is a lot of junk out there too.  The most expensive supplement is the one that DOESN’T WORK by the way, so invest wisely.  Below is the short list of the best ones for this particular program that I have ever found.  I’m sure there are others I don’t know about, but again, this is my short list:

Dinner is ridiculously simple.  Your plate will consist of 1 serving of clean & lean protein & 1-2 servings of vegetables (lightly steamed or raw).  Speaking of protein, check out the approved dinner protein choices in the table below.  The animal products you consume MUST be the absolute best, don’t skimp here.  Remember you can always apply some time saving tips and tricks of cooking multiple servings of protein having that ready to just re-heat or eat cold for dinners.  Below you will find your approved foods, shopping guide, and what ingredients you must buy organic that have high pesticide residue counts and which ingredients you can buy conventional to save some cash. If weight loss and blood sugar levels are a concern, choose lower glycemic items for your juicing, smoothies, and meals.

As you can see there is no doubt a little time, preparation, and commitment involved here, but I’ve found this program to be an excellent option for many people, especially those who need something that’s not too far reaching that they can actually see themselves achieving. 

What to do after the 10 days you ask?  Just be smart.  Personally I would recommend the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans as a default way to eat.  As well, you could continue this program for up to 30 days or more if you choose to.  Set a goal, and get ‘er done!  Good luck!