1. Eat breakfast – You can’t lose weight and stay healthy through starvation.  Breakfast is the ‘kickstart’ to your metabolism for the day.  No listen, you don’t want to eat a huge plate of biscuits and gravy and waffles if weight loss is what you desire!  But, small ‘breakfast’ of maybe a Granny Smith apple (low glycemic fruit), some almond butter or peanut butter to dip it in, and a hard boiled egg.  Perfect!
  2. Ditch the bun  – You can have a burger and stay lean!  Just ditch the bun and get a grass-fed beef or bison patty!
  3. Dip your fork – Many people turn their salads into soups with the amount of dressing they put on them!  Instead, order your dressing on the side and dip your fork in the dressing and then stab the greens.  Or, sub out the salad dressing completely for olive oil!
  4. Take the bread back! – When eating out, many restaurants LOVE to bring out a basket of bread and crackers!  Kindly say thank you for the thought but we are going to skip the bread today.  Because if it’s on your table the odds of you eating it obviously go way up!
  5. Skip the soup – Soup is typically a pitfall loaded with sodium, extra calories, and lots of ingredients you don’t want your body to have to metabolize.  If the choice is soup or salad, choose the salad – automatically.
  6. Use Stevia.  Stevia is a natural sweetner that does not affect blood sugar, it’s the best substitute out there.  Buy some for home, your purse, your briefcase, your desk.  Have it on hand and then you can sweeten tea, coffee or other food and beverages with a healthy option that won’t pack on the pounds.
  7. Graze.  Eat at least 5-6 small meals per day vs. 2-3 big meals/day.  This is the key to ramping up your metabolism like a sports car!
  8. Eat fat – Fats got a bad rap.  Fats don’t make you fat.  It’s the inability to burn fat that makes you fat.  Healthy fats will help regulate hormones, decrease your appetite, and make you smarter in the process (aka, your brain loves them).
  9. Fruits: Be weary unless they are berries – Berries are some of the lowest glycemic (sugar) fruits out there with tons of antioxidants and will hardly spike your blood sugar at all.  Eat up.
  10. Don’t be perfect– For crying out loud, eat a cookie at Christmas! (But only eat ONE. ?)