I wanted to talk today about a very important application and tool that I use in my clinic with your care that some of you might have some more questions about. So, what I want to talk today about is the arthrostim instrument. This thing is phenomenal, like a massage therapist on steroids in my hand, and so much more. Let me tell you why I use it. So, number one, don’t forget when we have that conversation about soft tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc., that when there was joint injury, spine injury, anything throughout the body, that there was impact and force, or force and stress over time.

Just like this rope gets weak and gets frays in it like that, muscle fibers and soft tissue can do the same things. So, what the body will do after injury is respond in an emergency, fixing it with scar tissue. This is why post-surgery, after a scalpel cuts tissue, you see a scar. And, then after a joint surgery, people go to rehab, so that they do what? Stop scar tissue. So, the idea here is when we found problems in your spine, we’re most likely seeing areas where there’s inevitably scar tissue that has developed. So, what I want to do is talk to you a little bit about how we address that, because that scar tissue turns out like a flame to these frays. And, it just kind of burns and makes those things like plastic and glue. So, I want to show you what we can do about it and then some with this tool.

So, this arthrostim instrument has four different settings. It is a repetitive impulse instrument. I can change this switch and go at different speeds and hertz as far as how fast it will impact. Then, I have different attachments that I can use, depending upon what I want to do with the body. I can mobilize spinal joints and adjust them with this dual prong attachment or this one, depending upon which way I wanted to go there. When I get down lower in the lumbars, I want to get a little wider, I’d use this one. This is our ribbed blade attachment that’s phenomenal where the costotransverse, meaning where the ribs and the spines join. So, we can help with those kind of knotted up areas that are back there. And, by using this tool, with all these different attachments, and I use this arthrostim instrument, it gives me a distinct advantage to get you results really, really fast, results faster than I used to be able to get, because we’re really getting in there and addressing that soft tissue, breaking it up, restoring function quicker, and more completely in almost all of our patients. So, the arthrostim is a great tool that you are more than likely receiving. Not everybody does receive it, but a lot of our patients do.

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