Chiropractic and ADHD. Can It Help?

Hello, this is Dr. Kehoe with Health From Within in Orland Park, Illinois. Today I’m getting on this live video to talk about ADHD and chiropractic and how chiropractic can help with ADHD and why it does. Ok so just some statistics about ADHD: the CDC estimates that 11% of children between the ages of 4 and 17 are diagnosed with ADHD with males being 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. So this is very big important rampant topic in today’s health landscape. And these statistics seem to be going up every single year. So I know that a lot of people, a lot of parents are looking for answers and looking for potential solutions without going down the road of having their kids or getting themselves on medications like Ritalin, Adderall, things like that. Ok so chiropractic is not, by any means, a treatment for ADHD but what I’m going to walk you through is how chiropractic care can help with ADHD.

Ok so the long and short of it is this; so what a child or even an adult can experience is what we call a subluxation and what that is is when the bones in the spine goes slightly out of alignment and that irritates the joint and the nerve coming out from the spine. Ok and when there’s irritation to that joint and the nerve that sends excess information up to the brain telling the brain that something’s wrong. So that excess information can sometimes be too much for somebody to handle. It creates too much static, too much noise and somebody can’t focus because there’s too much input going to their brain. Ok so it’d be a lot like this; it’d be a lot like me crumpling around this paper and talking to you and you trying to focus on what I’m saying and not on the annoying amount of noise coming from me crumpling this paper. Ok and if you missed what I said, I said it’d be like you trying to listen to me talk while I was crumpling that paper. It’s really hard to listen and to focus when you have that excess noise going on. And that is very similar to what can happen to a child or adult’s brain with ADHD. They just have too much stimulation, too much noise going on in their brain that they can’t focus on one thing for very long, right. So we check the child’s or adult’s spine for those areas of subluxation, if there’s irritation, interference to their nerves and their nervous system creating too much noise. And then by alleviating that it can help calm the noise and help a child focus. So that is our goal as chiropractors and we see some amazing results. We’ve had a lot of kids come in here suffering from ADHD that have seen awesome results and been able to focus, perform better in school, at sports, all of those amazing things that you want with a child that’s suffering from ADHD. So if one of your children or if you know somebody that has a child that’s suffering from this and wants some answers, wants a little hope, please tag them in this video. We’d be happy to answer any questions that they have or get them in to the office to get them evaluated for subluxation to see if chiropractic care is something that can help them with something like ADHD. So thank you all for watching and have an amazing day.

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