I want to talk to you about a question I get a lot from patients today and that is the question of, “You know, while I’m under care, can I exercise? Can I do yoga? Can I go get a massage?” So these kind of adjunctive other and/or therapies or approaches during care I wanted to just address that and talk about my opinion of that.

So, number one, when we talk about things like exercise. Absolutely, you can exercise during your care, from a general standpoint. Most people, of course, check with me on an individual basis. However, in general, what we want to avoid during corrective care is anything super high impact and heavy loads on the joints. So take it easy, slow it down a little bit. But for sure, movement is something that we want to encourage, which is why I’ve given you, most likely, a home care program to also support movement.

Besides exercise, yoga is one I get a lot of questions about. Now, there might be a couple poses here or there in yoga that might not be right for your condition, however, in general, and generally speaking, again, yoga is a phenomenal adjunctive approach to really accentuate what you’re doing here with your corrective chiropractics. So no sweat on the yoga thing.

And then when we talk about massage, I’m a big proponent of massage. In fact, I do get massages on a regular basis myself and refer to various therapists throughout the area here. If I had room and space here for a therapist, we’d have them in this clinic. At the moment, we don’t, but I believe in it that much. So you’ve got to address soft tissues, massage is great adjunct for that.

So these types of things, absolutely A-okay most of the time. Again, if you have specific questions related to your condition, don’t hesitate to ask myself or a team member and we’ll get that answered for you.