Motion Study X-Rays

I’m here today to talk to you about X-rays, and I’m not talking about your typical hospital X-rays. I really want you to understand the purpose and the intent behind the types of X-rays we take in this clinic. Now, obviously, there needs to be a clinical indication and medically necessary reason for it, of which there are a few. However, once we understand that we have medical necessity to take these X-rays, I want you to know exactly why we do them, and how we do them, and the purpose behind that. Okay? So here’s the idea… So your spine, everybody’s spine, has all these movable segments. Correct? And they need to, as I just mentioned, move. So each one of them moves independently, and they should move freely and smoothly. Right? With enough mobility and enough motion that if, for instance, we didn’t have enough mobility in a section of them that you couldn’t turn your head or your neck or couldn’t move like that. So, we wanna make sure you have absolute maximum mobility and that the spine can move and unwind.

Now, here’s the idea. We need to test that. Right? With chiropractic evaluation, hands, palpation, I can feel for misalignment. I can find these areas, but what this motion study is going to allow me to do, and that’s what you see happening on the screen over my shoulder, is it allows me to measure just how much or how little intersegmental, meaning between each bone, in between each joint, how much movement and motion exists, and is it normal or abnormal. I can pinpoint where the problems are at, and I can sometimes find issues that we wouldn’t have been able to find had we not done the motion study analysis. So very, very unique analysis, very unique imaging, done by this clinic. I had this training just a couple years ago, phenomenal results. Once we know where the problem is at, we know what we need to do to fix it. So, just a little bit there about motion study and the purpose of those motion study digital X-rays in our clinic. Feel free to tell your friends about that. We feel that’s a great, very important add-on to the value of the care that we deliver.

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