NMR Vibe and Head Weights

What is this ridiculous thing on my head, you might be asking? Well, these are what are called head weights. I want to talk today about neuromuscular reeducation, retraining posture, retraining that nerve muscle memory that all of us, many times, when I meet you, at least, has completely been either destroyed or off-track. So, the idea goes like this. Most people in today’s day and age, I’ll turn sideways, due to technology, desks, just the weight of the head, gravity, and poor posture, we start to roll forward like this. So, what head weighting is going to do, and I’m going to show you how we ink this and how this works in just a minute. It’s going to actually help stimulate new nerve muscle memory and posture patterns and neural pathways so that your nerve muscle memory now has a new way to hold you, and your brain can become reprogrammed with a new normal when we talk about posture and forward head posture, okay?

So, there’s a couple ways to absolutely accentuate the result of, for instance, head weighting with forward head posture. One is to do something as simple as marching in place. So, just by instilling motion into those lower limbs, that’s going to activate proprioception on a much higher level so that the input can be received by the brain much better. So, that’s number one. Number two, if you’ll look right here, let me show you, we’ve got a couple of devices, couple of apparatuses, if you will. One is a Bosu trainer. It’s a half…basically a half exercise ball on the floor, and then the other’s a vibe plate. So, with each of those, what I’m going to do is show you how I use them. So, if we did the balance ball, basically what’s going to happen is you’re going to step up onto it, and then you’re going to try and keep your balance as you stand and try to look straight ahead and keep that good posture. So, right now, I’m programming my proprioception and balance, especially correcting that forward head posture over time, teaching my brain a new pattern. So, it’s very powerful.

Now, the most powerful, which not every patient can do, is what I’m standing on right now, which is the vibe plate. This is a very intense exercise. It’s gonna massively stimulate the cerebellum and everything about proprioception because it’s super high hertz and high intensity, so you’re going to hear it here as like a really low hum, probably, and then literally, as you stand there, your brain’s receiving that feedback. You can hear my voice kind of groggily, and then you’re going to change things quickly. So, the vibe is a powerful, powerful tool to maximize your head weighting, and what we’re trying to do with that… whew, that was fun…and then, the other thing, there’s a couple side benefits when we use the vibe plate. You can see increases in your immune system because it really helps lymphatic flow. The other thing about it, there’s even been studies that show weight loss and metabolism can be increased on this thing. So, a lot of benefits from vibration therapy, but we combine it and use it neurologically and scientifically to make changes in your spine so that your spine and the correction we’re trying to achieve can last a long, long time. So, I hope that was helpful, and you understand head weighting, neuromuscular reeducation, the vibe plate, and the balance ball. 

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