I wanted to take a minute and share with you something that I had been trying to pull off for years, and that was write a book. So I have finally done that. Back in 2016, I achieved that goal. And the purpose of the book wasn’t just to write a book, it was to make an impact and to write a book that had content that could make a difference in people’s lives.

I’ve realized that there’s a lot of folks out there that fit many categories when we look at health. Some are what we would call asleep or ignorant, just not paying attention. Others have given up. Others think they know it all, right, and they’re always right. Yet there’s more they don’t know. You follow me?

So we’ve got all these different categories and what I wanted to do is write a book that could speak to all of them, bring them together on a topic that I feel is most important to our society. Because it’s killing all of us, and it’s the real silent killer. And I’m not talking about heart disease. I’m talking about stress.

Stress leads to more issues than you can imagine, And it’s not just the stress, it’s how we respond to the stress. So I want you to check out my book. What you can do is: Within this message there should be a link, so that you can click the link to download your free copy of the book. As you see on the screen here, “The Real Silent Killer.”

And a couple of things I want to mention… We talk about how smart we are but we’re still sick. We talk about getting a new map for health. I go through the fact that there’s no escape and we all have stress. We have to learn how to respond to it appropriately. We want to adapt and overcome. And then there’s no time like the present to absolutely take action.

So it is a quick read but a very powerful and and effective read. So I would love to give you this copy on me so that you guys can get the most out of it. So that you can have a tool that really dives deeper into the teachings that we have here at Health From Within, for you, your loved ones, and anyone else out there.

So should you want that, click the download link. And then if you want to share that with somebody, feel free. You can absolutely share that link. My only goal is that more people get to read this. So spread that message for us. Enjoy the book, “The Real Silent Killer.”