I wanted to officially welcome you to our practice on behalf of myself and my team here. We’re so excited for the results you are about to gain. We know that people come here for many reasons, many different things drive them through the door, but there’s one thing that all of them have in common and that is that they want their life to be better for the time and resources they spend here. So we’re gonna do everything we can to make sure that happens for you while you’re here.

So a couple things that I wanna mention, just as you get started with your care, number one, participate. You know, we call it a transformation around here, participation equals transformation. So the more you participate in your healthcare, the better your results are going to be. So what participation looks like is a few things. I’ll just highlight here right off the bat, and on an ongoing basis, I encourage you to engage in your health. So the number one thing I wanted to mention from a participation standpoint is your smartphone. So we have an app, it’s called the SKED app. So you should be able to see this right now on your screen. You’ll just go to either your App Store in the iPhone or you can go on the Android, you download SKED. So that’s this little S thing here, SKED.life. And then I’ve already got it set up on my phone. And what this app allows you to do is actually manage your appointments. You don’t need to carry a card with you anymore. Right there is your barcode. You can bring your barcode up. The other thing that it will do, you go into your settings and you can set up so that you can receive notifications like I’ve got done here. So should we have any office closings or any special notices or anything valuable for you to know about, we can send it right to your app, and you’ll have that. So everything is there. When you click on provider, it’s got our address. Our hours are all listed out. Everything is listed, reviews. Anything that’s going on with messages. Anything happening in the office, it’s all right there on SKED. So make sure you get the app, plug that in, get started with that.

Now, the other thing that I wanna encourage you to do is engage with us on social media. So as you’ll notice here, when we talk about our social media accounts, we have a Facebook page, Health From Within. So this is a great place to not only for yourself to gain more information but this is also a great place for your friends or family to go and visit so that they can see just what’s happening, some of the cool things that chiropractic and our clinic can do for their health and their family. That’s exciting. Now, not for your friends or family but just for you, is what we call Club HFW. So Club HFW right here, this is our closed Facebook Group for our patients and our alumni patients so that we can continue to interact on a level of sharing content and things that are much more relevant to someone who’s already a patient. So make sure you plug into Club Health From Within, okay? And then last but not least, always watch your email. All right? So check out your emails because we’re gonna be sending videos like this with great information from many different topics regarding your health, to support your journey to being your best and reclaiming your health.