Spring into health with us this March!

I think most of us are excited to say goodbye to the snow and hello to the warm weather and brighter days! How nice has it been to see the sun start to set later in the day? Many of us do a “spring cleaning” with in our homes, but how about using this as an opportunity to also work on our health?! We’ve outlined some tips below to get you started.
Head outside & get some vitamin D!
There is a reason vitamin D is often called the “sunshine vitamin”…vitamin D is produced by the body in response to sunlight! Sunlight also increases serotonin levels, which can help boost your mood.
Drink more!
Every tissue, cell, and organ in the body requires water to function optimally. Try setting a daily goal, or even getting a new water bottle that may help motivate you to drink more!
Add more fruits and vegetables into your diet
Incorporating fruits and vegetables is a great way to get enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber into your diet! It is recommended that we consume anywhere between 5-9 servings per day, depending on your age and lifestyle. Making shakes is an easy way to get some of those in!
Get adjusted!
Did you know that chiropractic helps with more than just back pain? A 7 year study showed that patients who went to doctors of chiropractic experienced 57% less hospital days, 62% less out patient surgeries, 60.2% less in-hospital admissions, and 85% less pharmaceutical costs. Click here for more information on spinal care

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