Chiropractic and Your Immune System

Many associate chiropractic care with pain, but know that it can help with much more than that! It is first important to know that the body and brain send their messages through the spinal cord. These messages control the many activities of the body such as the movement of our legs and arms, sensations such as temperature, and things we don’t think about like the function of our organs!

The vertebral column not only supports your trunk and provides attachments to your muscles, but it also protects your spinal cord and all the nerves that branch off of it. Chiropractors correct misalignments along the vertebral column that can not only cause pain or discomfort, but also put pressure on the nerves. These misalignments of the spine can create an interference in the messages being relayed between the brain and the body. Studies have shown that chiropractic can relieve pain, stress, improve nerve function and can even boost the immune system!

Stress can also manifest in the body as physical discomfort such as back pain or neck pain and headaches. Many of us carry our stress in our shoulders and back, which can not only be uncomfortable but it can also create tension in the muscles. Chiropractic helps to release this muscle tension which not only feels good, but also takes pressure off of the spine.

Aside from what we talked about above, there is so much that we can do right from home to support our immune system. Your immune system is unique to you, and it helps your body to fight off sickness and infection. It is your body’s ultimate defense mechanism, so we want it working at its best! Many things can bring down your immune system such as stress, unhealthy eating, lack of sleep, alcohol, smoking, and more. These factors listed are things that we have the ability to change right from home. You only have one body, make sure you take care of it!

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