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The spinal cord is one of the most essential parts of your body and together with the brain forms the central nervous system. It is the structure that passes information from the brain to the different parts of the body. Imagine if there is a problem in this area and you know the consequences can be dire. When a vertebra on the spine becomes misaligned, it creates pressure on the nerves. Even a tiny amount of pressure can cause an interruption of information passing over the nerve.

At Health from Within our certified and experienced chiropractors perform spinal rehabilitation treatments to help restore the spine to its proper alignment in order for it to function optimally as it should. As a leading chiropractic care facility since 2001, our vision is to improve the lives of everyone that passes through our doors. We provide top notch corrective chiropractic care, spinal rehabilitation, pediatric care, prenatal care and lifestyle coaching to help you reach your full potential.

Dr. Kehoe adjusting the back of a female patient

When the nervous system is compromised, the immune system can also be affected. Our spinal rehabilitation Mokena, IL team as well as our team at our Orland Park, IL location, are trained to treat and safeguard the nervous system through easing undue pressure on the nerves. Through this approach we are allowing your body to function normally as it should. Intervertebral discs are like marshmallow pads placed between the vertebrae. They are tough but can also become injured. The function of the discs is to allow movement of the spine. When they degenerate over time, the spine loses its mobility and at times the discs can also fuse together. The discs act like “shock absorbers” whenever there is movement. The jelly-like substance within the discs allows for expansion and compression as needed. When the spine becomes misaligned, an intervertebral disc can bulge and even herniate. In some scenarios it can even rupture. Spinal misalignments are not the sole reason why this occurs as age including normal wear and tear can result in the condition.

If you are suffering from chronic back and neck pain, let our spinal rehabilitation Orland Park, IL and Mokena, IL chiropractors help relieve the pressure on the spine, provide pain relief and restore you to good health. Our spinal rehabilitation techniques are one of the least invasive and safest options for treating neck and back problems. Visit Health from Within today.

Top Notch Spinal Rehabilitation Only From Health From Within

Patients with chronic back issues require comprehensive care that only a spinal rehabilitation Mokena, IL chiropractor can provide. Patients such as these suffer from a number of problems including pain on movement, neuropathy, and weakness on the extremities, muscle spasm and even breathing, bladder and bowel issues. Health from Within offers the best chiropractic care to help get rid of back problems and restore optimum functioning.

Are You A Candidate For Spinal Rehabilitation?

There are two kinds of spinal injuries you need to know about, acute and rehabilitative. The former may require surgery in order to correct damage done to the spinal column, ligaments, muscles and connections to the nerves. Once this phase is done, the patient will need a significant period of time to heal and rehabilitate to regain lost mobility. The ability to restore normal functioning after spinal injury and surgery depends largely on the location and amount of damage. Health from Within’s spinal rehabilitation therapy can offer significant improvement for many cases of spinal injuries.

What to Expect at Health From Within

Once you visit us for a spinal rehabilitation consultation we begin with a thorough evaluation of your current condition by one of our certified chiropractors and then he will recommend a therapy plan for maximizing physical ability. The primary goal of care of our spinal rehabilitation Mokena, IL and Orland Park, IL specialists are to bring back sufficient movement to achieve normalcy. In line with the primary goal of spinal rehabilitation is to manage the pain and this is done via a variety of chiropractic methods. When we improve the patient’s strength and movement it can help with the return to a normal life as possible. Whether it is the upper, middle or lower area of the spine that is affected, most people will experience some form of pain throughout their life and when that occurs you can rely on the expertise and care that Health from Within can provide.

Our Spinal Rehabilitation Program Can Help With…

Disc Bulges or Herniation

This is by far one of the most common issues that require spinal rehabilitation. Disc herniation as mentioned above happens when the outer edges of the disc wear out over time resulting in exposure of the nerves. Magnetic Resonance Imaging studies show that as much as 37% of Americans suffer from either a disc bulge or herniation, with most patients diagnosed not experiencing any pain at the time. On the other hand, those that do report pain mention that it is intense and severe. The kind of pain associated with a disc herniation will depend on the type and position of the herniation. A shooting pain and weakness in the legs may be experienced if the damaged disc is irritating a surrounding nerve. Let our spinal rehabilitation in Orland Park, IL and Mokena, IL chiropractors prevent the advancement of the herniation and offer significant pain relief from the injury.


One of the most commonly overlooked causes of back pain that require spinal rehabilitation is subluxations. When a vertebra is misaligned or goes out of position, it can result in a tremendous amount of pain and can even affect your movement. Subluxations can occur at any place along the spine and may be due to stress, trauma or toxins. Our spinal rehabilitation Mokena, Il and Orland Park, IL chiropractors can correct the subluxations allowing pain relief and a return of normal movement.

Visit Health From Within For Your Spinal Rehabilitation Needs

The professional team at Health from Within can offer a wide range of spinal rehabilitation treatment modalities to help patients with serious spinal injuries. We have the latest equipment and use only the most up-to-date treatment methods to improve muscle and nerve functionality to relieve pain and discomfort due to injuries and disorders of the spinal column. Let our on-staff spinal rehabilitation Orland Park, IL and Mokena, IL doctors design a unique individual plant that will suit your needs. Visit us today. We are very excited to see you.