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Why do you need to ensure you have proper spinal care? Let us count the ways. Your ability to move and function correctly emanates from it quite literally. To put it simply, virtually all movement originates from this most important part of the body so it is vital that you have the correct spinal care near me facility that can ensure your cervical and lumbar areas receive the care it deserves. If you suffer from spinal misalignment, normal everyday activities and movements like picking up objects, walking, sitting up straight, bending over and simply moving your neck from side to side can be extremely painful or challenging. When you suffer from some form of spinal injury you will not be able to move normally and without pain. This can cause a lot of challenges and will affect the quality of life that you live. At Health from Within we are confident that our spinal care will help improve all sorts of skeletal, muscular problems and injuries. Our certified chiropractors are trained and have a wealth of experience treating all sorts of issues that result in a significant increase in the quality of life of patients.
Dr. Kehoe adjusting the back of a female patient

Three Essential Functions of The Spine

Health from Within wants you to have the best spinal care possible and both our spinal care Orland park, IL and Mokena, IL facilities are ready to help you with all your spinal problems.

Tips to Achieve a Healthy Spine

We believe that prevention is still better than cure so here are some tips to achieve a healthy spine:
Many people do not practice the right way of lifting objects and this can lead to injuries that will require spinal care treatment methods to correct. Simply put, lifting objects the wrong way can twist and damage the spine. In order to lift the proper way, stand as near to the object as you can and use your legs and knees not your back and upper body to lift it. Never try to lift an object that you know is very heavy, get help do not attempt to do so yourself.

There are a lot of benefits you can get from maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. One of these is lowering your risk of developing spinal problems. As long as it is not contraindicated to your current state of health, performing exercise routines that involve core strengthening, aerobic activity and stretching can do wonders. Stretching allows you to stay flexible and helps promote good joint function and full range of motion that helps in contributing to good spinal health.

Excess body weight poses a lot of health problems for many organ systems in the body. On the spine, it creates added strain to the lower back that can lead to spinal problems. Diet and exercise can really help you maintain the ideal weight.

Spinal Care Options at Health From Within

Even with the best intentions at heart, preventive measures may not be enough to stop spinal problems from affecting your health and quality of life. Visiting our spinal care Orland Park, IL or Mokena, IL locations can help determine whether or not the symptoms you are currently suffering is an acute or chronic issue that requires further spinal care treatment. By knowing the differences between the two kinds of pain associated with spinal injuries can really help determine the best course of spinal care treatment moving forward. Acute pain is described as pain lasting from 3 to 6 months and is directly related to tissue damage. Injuries that lead to acute pain include ligament strain, subluxations and muscle tears. Chronic pain is pain lasting for more than 3 months or the period beyond tissue repair. Chronic pain may be due to fibromyalgia, a disorder that is characterized with widespread musculoskeletal pain that is associated with fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. It may also be due to a failed back surgery. Our licensed spinal care Mokena, IL and Orland Park, IL chiropractors can properly diagnose and treat your movement dysfunction while also helping to improve functional status and promote overall fitness in order to lessen the risk of re-injury and impairment progression due to spinal pain.

When neck and back pain stops you from being able to perform your normal daily activities let our spinal care Mokena, IL and Orland Park, IL specialists help return your spine to its proper alignment, relieve pain and let you live a better quality of life.

Acute Pain Spinal Care

Pain can easily be managed when it is acute or has only been bothering you for a short period of time. Issues such as recent shoulder strains, knee and ankle sprains may be resolved quickly in just a few visits to our spinal care Orland Park, IL clinic. For most patients the condition is already improved in just a single visit. The quicker we begin the spinal care rehabilitation process, the earlier you can achieve a full recovery.

Chronic Pain Spinal Care

Injuries that last more than six months are considered chronic and normally take a bit longer to resolve and will require more commitment from the patient. Issues like recurring headaches, back pain due to poor posture will not only require spinal care treatment but also correction of movement patterns and rebuilding strength. At Health from Within not only can we stop chronic pain, we can also restore lost mobility and improved stability in order to prevent the pain from bothering you again.

At Health from Within, we are transforming spinal care through our soft tissue and joint mobilization treatment methods combined with active rehabilitation exercises to help you achieve a pain free and improved quality of life. Allow us to provide you with improved spinal flexibility to be able to support your head, neck, back and body movements so you can move better minus the stiffness and achieve better overall health. Visit us today. We are very excited to hear from you.